Agile Methodologies


Agile methodology involves continuous development and testing cycles throughout a project's software development life cycle. Unlike the Waterfall model, development and testing happen simultaneously rather than sequentially. Agile has proven beneficial in enabling organizations to swiftly adapt to market changes, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost overall productivity. However, many organizations still struggle with grasping and implementing Agile practices. Agile is a versatile project management approach that originated in Indian software development companies, allowing collaboration between business analysts, designers, developers, and stakeholders. The course covers the following topics: Unit 1: Project Definition Unit 2: Methods for Project Execution Unit 3: In-depth Understanding of Agile Unit 4: Detailed Exploration of Scrum Unit 5: Components of Scrum Unit 6: Various Scrum Meetings Unit 7: Planning Scrum Sprints Unit 8: Measuring Scrum Performance Unit 9: Additional Information

31 Aug 2023 - Present

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