Bank data analytics SQL

Project Summary:

Project Title: Loan Data Analysis for Diverse Customers

Objective: The aim of this project is to analyze loan data provided by a financial institution for a diverse group of customers. The analysis will focus on customers with varied grades and sub-grade levels, taking into consideration various factors such as loan disbursement reasons, funded amount, revolving balance values, payment modes, and last payment values across different states and geolocations.

Data Points Analyzed:

  1. Year-wise loan amount statistics.
  2. Analysis of revolving balance (revol_bal) based on the loan grades and sub-grades.
  3. Comparison of total payments for customers with Verified Status versus Non-Verified Status.
  4. Examination of loan status based on states and months.
  5. Statistics on Homeownership and its relationship with the last payment date.

Tools Used: MySQL Workbench 8.0
Dataset Details:- 
• Domain: Finance
• Datasets: Finance_1.xlsx & Finance_2.xlsx
• Dataset Type: Excel Data
• Dataset Size: Each Excel file has 39k+ records (Total 80k+ records)

07 Jul 2023

Data Manipulation
Statistical Analysis
Data Quering
Database Design
Data Joins
Database Indexing
Data Filtering

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