HR Analytics data verification in SQL

This project in the field of human resources examines how employees at various levels within an organization are leaving their jobs. The analysis of attrition rates takes into account several factors, including the employees' monthly earnings, the year of their last promotion, their job roles, and their work-life balance. This analysis is conducted for employees in various departments.

Data Points Analyzed:

1. Average Attrition rate for all Departments

2. Average Hourly rate of Male Research Scientist

3. Attrition rate Vs Monthly income stats

4. Average working years for each Department

5. Job Role Vs Work life balance

6. Attrition rate Vs Year since last promotion relation

Tools used:-
MySQL Workbench 8.0
Dataset Details:- 
• Domain : HR Analytics
• Project Name: Employee Retention
• Dataset Name: HR_1 & HR_2
• Dataset Type: Excel Data
• Dataset Size: 50k records each

20 Sep 2023

Data Manipulation
Statistical Analysis
Data Quering
Database Design
Data Joins
Database Indexing
Data Filtering

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