From dead account to 49k+ impressions


In Jan 2022, the COO of an IT consulting firm reached out to me for marketing services. The company was doing well offline but wanted to explore the opportunities online. There had followers on the LinkedIn Page, but they hardly got 1 or 2 likes on their posts.


They wanted to achieve two things:

  1. Grow the page, i.e., increase the follower count.
  2. Brand awareness, they wanted people to know that the company exists in the industry and what it is up to.

My approach:

I spent 30 days researching the industry and competitors to better understand the company and its business. After that, I optimized the profile in the first week of March, which increased search appearances. 

In the same week, I created a content creation and distribution strategy for the page. I planned to post 4 times a week and used two employee profiles to repost the content for more reach. The page started growing rapidly. 

Fast forward to today, they have 2300+ followers and generated 49000+ impressions.

01 Feb 2022

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