40k+ impressions on a banned account


The client approached me to grow the company page; I recommended using an employee’s brand to grow the company page. They agreed. The employee’s profile was dead. There were barely 20 impressions, 2 search appearances, and 96 profile views. The account was banned 4 times by LinkedIn too. But they insisted on using the profile. I was reluctant because the profile might be shadowbanned by LinkedIn. Toward the end, I had to work on this profile.


  1. Grow company page
  2. Connect with industry leaders and potential clients.

My approach:

I scanned through the client’s profile and checked over 100 profiles in the industry to get some inspiration and ideas. Unfortunately, people weren’t active in this industry, which is both good and bad. Either way, I decided to add a human touch to the profile by creating personal and opinion-based posts to show the client’s personality through it. 

The strategy was simple - 4 personal stories, 4 industry-related posts, and 4 generic posts. Followed by 30 minutes of engagement and 10 personalized connection requests to industry folks.


Followers - 1000+

Impressions - 40,137

01 May 2022

Personal Branding
Social Media Marketing

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