73k impressions on LinkedIn 🤯


The client approached me to build a company brand on LinkedIn. I recommended that they use the personal profile of anyone from the company to grow the account. The client agreed and gave me their profile.

Her profile had around 534 followers, 54 profile views, 7 post impressions, and 37 search appearances.


  1. Position the client as a thought leader in the industry.
  2. Grow the profile and company page.
  3. Increase awareness of both profile and company page.

My approach:

I spent 2 weeks studying, researching, and understanding the industry. Then I approached the clients with a couple of questions, and we decided to work on the personal profile first and then the company page. So, we decided to post 3 times a week. The content was a mix of personal experiences, opinions, and advice. 

The first post went viral, generated 15,238 views and 170+ likes, 40+ comments, and gained 100+ followers in less than 48 hours.


🏆 Generated 73,589 impressions
🏆 Got 1,767 engagement
🏆 Followers grew to 1100+
🏆 Invitation to podcast and speaking gigs.
🏆 Got connection requests from industry leaders.

01 Nov 2022

social media marketing
personal branding

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