NFT / Crypto Marketplaces - Market Research (Competitive Analysis)

Here's the brief of the client:
Looking for someone familiar with crypto and blockchain data points to help with competitive analysis and product positioning of all NFT market places on the following crypto blockchains:


The right person should already have working knowledge of how NFT marketplaces operate.

Should be able to find a lot of good info, here:

(but we want to make sure we capture new marketplaces, as well) ex.

Looking to get a fully rounded view of what NFT resources exist with each marketplace and macro-blockchain ecosystem (i.e.

We would like to compile the following information on each marketplace (plus any other info you feel would be relevant):

Volume (Trends of volume)
Do they have their own token?
What do they charge? Fees?
If nothing, how do they make money?
Are they cross-chain? If so, what chains?
What non-sale services are offered? (Transfers, minting, create your own NFT)
What methods of purchase exist? (Likely just list, or typical auction)
What features do users love? What features are people looking for? What complaints do users have? (try finding "feature suggest upvoting" or a suggestion forum)
What other tools do they offer? (aggregator, list on all sites, compare raritys and floor prices across different traits and collections)

Would be great to have some kind of grid spreadsheet in return with all that, and the volume trends marked separately, but open to your interpretation for how to format data.

Would love a quick turnaround on this.

Let us know how you'll go about finding the right marketplaces and data, what format you propose to deliver the data, and turnaround time.

Looking forward to working with you. Thanks.

10 May 2022

Crypto Project
Research based project
NFT Marketplace

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