Fintech/Credit Cards Market Research

Research Report on Market landscape and offerings for SME payment cards

Here was the requirement from the client: 
We're doing a research project to better understand the market landscape and offerings for SME payment cards (i.e. debit and credit cards for small and mid-sized businesses) in mature markets (e.g. US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.). 

For each market, you are expected to put together a list of card offerings from traditional banks, neobanks, digital banks and other fintech and financial services players. The main focus is on the rewards offered and any additional features offered to customers of the card, as well as the economics of the card offering (annual fees, fx charges, and other fees) and the customer experience. 

You can start by searching blogs and other comparison websites for corporate credit cards to get an initial overview of what products are being offered in the market, before diving in further and get more information from the card issuers' websites as well as reading online reviews from consumers. 

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09 Dec 2021

SME Payment
Market Report
Research Project

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