In the modern world technology has become an integral part of our lives. It has spread to every aspects of our lives that now we can't live without it. And the suprising thing is that all this happened in very short period of time. If we look at the last century we can clearly see the skyrocketed growth of technology. From the mobile phones we hold in our hands to the world wide web almost all the technology Marvels we today was invented in the last century. But this accelerated growth has some people concerned about how it will effect the world. Just like everything else in this world technology too has its pros and cons. For example take a look at where we are standing with AIs now. Artificial intelligence like chatGPT and DALL.E 2 are inching closer to replacing humans from many fields everyday. And what happens when singularity is attained is something no man can predict. I mean we have all seen movies like The Matrix, Terminator etc... Imagine what will happen if this become a reality.

18 May 2023


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