Podcast With Neil Patel | Knowing Marketing trends


*The Objective of this Podcast is to know more about digital media marketing, about content creation, about how to rank your blogs on google, and also about how to find  USP in your content.


* Many people are asking me about what's your approach of inviting Neil Patel on your Podcast, how you invited him, and all those questions, but its pretty simple, I just did cold emailing, multiple times, for the podcast, both personalised  and general mails. I guess approx. 15+ follow ups.

*After that I prepared some good questions, watched some of his previous podcast and then personalised it in my way, and yeah practiced it multiple times.

Important Key Sections:

  •  Journey: His Journey into the world of digital marketing.
  • Trends: His advice on trends and technologies.
  • Analyzing: Importance of Tracking and Analyzing Marketing Campaigns
  • Ranking Blog: Tips to rank your Blog
  • Omnichannel Marketing Approach
  • Importance of Personal Branding    


  • Importance of Building Personal Brand: Anything that you can do right now, that creates trust in other people, is something that of high leverage, because everything else is automated then what people will look for?
    Trust, Right.
    Right now the question is should we use AI or not, but at some point the question will change. In future, we will have to decide what we want to trust .So the thing which can create high leverage-
    Personal Branding
    Email List
    Proof of work
  • Omnichannel Marketing Approach: Omnichannel marketing approach means, your all the channels when work together produces massive results. Lets suppose you are active on different social medias, and you are building personal brand, then when your all social media, works together to build your personal brand. That's called omnichannel.

17 Aug 2023


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