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At-a-Glance 👀

At Ekdo Software's webpage design, I captured the essence of this advanced productivity solution, underscoring its role in enhancing meeting efficiencies. Marrying intuitive UI with a feature-rich UX, I highlighted functionalities from a comprehensive dashboard to efficient team management and integrated 1-on-1 meeting capabilities, positioning Ekdo as a must-have for modern collaborative teams.


Amidst an overwhelming number of productivity tools, Ekdo Software needed a distinct webpage that not only conveyed its unique features and benefits but also resonated with the target audience. 

👉🏼Potential users were on the lookout for a comprehensive yet intuitive tool, but lacked clarity on how Ekdo could address their specific needs and outshine other solutions in the market.


To address the challenge, I conceptualized and designed a landing page for Ekdo Software that succinctly highlighted its core features. The design emphasized Ekdo's unique value propositions, such as streamlined dashboard design, efficient team member management, and seamless 1-on-1 meeting integration.

🚀 Visual elements were chosen to resonate with the target audience, ensuring clarity of information and positioning Ekdo as the go-to solution for enhancing workplace productivity. 

Product Overview

I designed a visually appealing and informative product overview section that highlighted the key features and benefits of Ekdo, showcasing how it can enhance productivity and efficiency in Meetings.

Dashboard Design

Collaborating with another UI/UX designer, I assisted in designing the user interface for the Ekdo software dashboard. I focused on creating a clean and intuitive design that allowed users to navigate the software seamlessly and access its various features.


Team Member Management

Within the Ekdo software, I contributed to the design of the feature that enabled users to add and manage team members, facilitating collaboration and communication within medical teams.

1-on-1 Meeting Option and Note Updates

I also assisted in designing the feature that allowed users to schedule and conduct 1-on-1 meetings within Ekdo, as well as update and share notes during these meetings.

Product Successes👏🏼

After the launch of the Ekdo dashboard, user engagement and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive. The dashboard's user-centric design and feature set have led to swift user adoption, resulting in a significant uptick in active users and a substantial reduction in onboarding time and related queries.

What I Learned 🌱

Designing the Ekdo dashboard from scratch taught me the importance of truly understanding user needs and iterating based on real-world feedback. This project reinforced the value of proactive collaboration with developers, ensuring seamless transitions from design to deployment, and honed my skills in crafting solutions that address both functional requirements and user experience expectations.

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04 Apr 2023

1on1 software
ui/ux design

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