• Role: Video Editor & Graphic Designer (July-Dec 2020).
  • Achievements: Crafted engaging marketing posts for social platforms, and refined online classes for YouTube, driving brand engagement.
  • Tools: Leveraged Adobe Suite & Canva for quality content.
  • Impact: Enhanced brand visibility and fostered growth in digital followership.

During my tenure at MorethanMarks from July to December 2020, I embraced the dual roles of a Video Editor and Graphic Designer. My primary responsibilities revolved around designing compelling marketing posts for their social platforms like Instagram and Twitter, and meticulously editing online classes for their YouTube channel. Relying on a mix of industry-standard tools, including the Adobe Suite and Canva, I aimed to enhance the brand's digital visibility. This collaborative effort not only improved brand engagement but also significantly boosted their digital followership and reinforced the brand's presence in the educational domain.

👇🏼 Click here to view my work in MoreThanMarks.

27 Aug 2019

Graphic Design

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