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Yogasana Project: At a Glance

Objective: Craft a visually captivating landing page showcasing Yogasana as a globally recognized sport, while creating an intuitive registration dashboard tailored for athletes, judges, and coaches.


  • Dynamic and interactive design elements capturing Yogasana's essence.
  • Clear CTAs prompting user membership.
  • Multi-dimensional dashboard streamlining registration for diverse user personas.

Outcome: Delivered a unified user journey, from landing page engagement to seamless registration, elevating Yogasana's digital presence.

Landing page Design:



👇🏼Click to play with the prototype

Product Successes👏🏼

Crafting the Yogasana landing page was an exercise in rebranding yoga's common perception. Moving away from the tranquil meditation stereotype, the design accentuates Yogasana's athletic vigor and global recognition. With the dashboard streamlining athlete, judge, and coach registrations, we're poised to redefine how the world sees and engages with Yogasana as a competitive sport.

What I Learned 🌱

Designing for Yogasana taught me the power of challenging and reshaping long-held perceptions. By transforming a traditionally meditative domain into an athletic arena, I learned to approach design with a fresh lens, ensuring that visuals genuinely reflect an entity's core essence. Collaborating on this project emphasized the need to immerse oneself in the subject, leading to more authentic and impactful design solutions.

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21 Jul 2023

Landing Page
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