I recently worked on a project to create an admin panel for a restaurant. The goal of the panel was to give the restaurant's staff a centralized platform to manage various aspects of the business, such as menu items, orders, reservations, and customer data. To achieve this, I used modern web development technologies such as React and Node.js. I created a responsive, user-friendly interface that provided quick access to all the important features and data. The panel included various modules such as a dashboard, menu editor, order management system, reservation management system, and customer database. One of the key features of the admin panel was its integration with the restaurant's POS system. This allowed the staff to easily view and manage orders from different channels, such as in-store, online, and mobile. The panel also included a powerful reporting system that provided detailed insights into the restaurant's performance, such as sales, revenue, and customer behavior. I made sure to implement strong security measures to protect the restaurant's data and ensure that only authorized staff could access the panel. The panel was also designed to be scalable, so it could handle the restaurant's growth and changing needs over time. Overall, I am proud of the work I did on this project and believe that the admin panel will greatly streamline the restaurant's operations and improve their efficiency.

17 Mar 2023

Google Maps
Web Development

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