Gaming product validation case study

Problem statement

How do individuals find the information they need today? On one hand, Google’s powerful search engine is efficient in answering most of our search needs. But consider the other behaviors that permeate your search activity.

 When considering what to eat, do you look at Google or Instagram? When seeking opinions or shared experiences, do you look to Google or Reddit? There are new authorities we turn to and hence, the reality is that search behaviors are changing.

This presents possible opportunities to enter the market of “Knowledge & Discovery Engine” in the context of Gamers.


  • How will you start talking to people about Splore? 
  • What is the value proposition according to you and how will you convince the ACG ( Anime, Comics, Gaming) to start using it, apart from the early use cases?

Challenges and learning:

  • There is a major trust issue in the server owners & moderators to install an unknown or new bot in the market
  •  it’s better to pitch in a subtle & honest way to move fast
  • I got kicked out of the server when I asked to install the bot directly. Then I changed my approach. I didn’t pitch the bot. I pitched the benefits of using Splore & directed them to explore the platform themselves.

Tools & Technologies used:

  • Discord 
  • ChatGPT
  • Google docs 
  • Google for research

01 Dec 2023

User research
User communication

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