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Rahaman Bin Ujit

Empowering leaders to build an authentic audience through podcasting and repurposed content.


  Studying at Chandraketugarh Sahidullah Smriti Mahavidyalaya

My Collaborators
  • Motion graphics for Phyllo Social listening API

    22 Apr 2024

  • Introducing Influencer Brand Fit on Product Hunt

    01 Mar 2024

  • Podcast episode for Success Unscripted

    25 Feb 2024

  • Youtube's new ai tools instagram reels

    16 Nov 2023

  • Story of Matt gray

    20 Sep 2023

  • Intro for dropshipping video

    15 Sep 2023

  • Podcast intro

    07 Jul 2023

  • Reel on Niklas Christl

    26 May 2023

  • Facebook is shutting down its 'Paid Online Events'.

    06 May 2023

  • Reel : Content creators now have a room in the Whitehouse ! 😯

    15 Apr 2023

  • Interview : Meet the Man Behind Ali Abdaal's Videos

    17 Mar 2023

  • Long-form: Dropbox’s Secret to How Startups Can Get Early Product Validation

    21 Feb 2023

  • Long-form : Stakeholder Alignment Secrets from a Product Leader

    13 Feb 2023

  • Reel : Creator kettle

    04 Feb 2023

  • Reel : Instagram stories got a whole new upgrade!

    31 Jan 2023

  • Long-form : Can A.I. replace PMs?

    30 Jan 2023

  • Reel : I edited this video for Abhinav Arora ( co-founder of Avalon Scenes)

    27 Sep 2022

  • Video Editor


    I will edit their long-form videos.

    23 Sep 2022 - Present

    Fueler Achievement
  • Demo video edit for Aevy TV

    21 Sep 2022

  • I tried to edit a video like Aevy TV

    I am a big fan of Varun Mayya. So I have been watching Aevy TV from the very beginning. And I love their editing style....

    15 Sep 2022

  • Completed 1000 subscribers on Youtube

    Youtube,  14 Sep 2022

  • Long-form : I created this detailed video on DALL-E 2

    Whether Artificial Intelligence will replace creative jobs is a question that is hotly debated. Some believe that AI wil...

    07 Sep 2022

  • I made a video where I have explained how to create a sketch textured typography design with photoshop

    21 Jun 2022

  • Graphic design


    I worked with ShareKoro as a freelance graphic designer. ShareKoro educated people about the share market. I could not s...

    27 Apr 2022 - 02 Jul 2022

  • I learned to spin a pen around my thumb

    I always love to learn some cool tricks. So, I learned to spin a pen around my thumb.

    20 Jul 2021

  • I made a video on how to solve Rubik's Cube

    Recently, I learned to solve Rubik's Cube, so I thought let's share it with the world. This video was edited on my andro...

    11 Jul 2021

  • I challenged myself to learn to draw in just 7 days

    When I was a kid, I had an interest in drawing. But I was never good at it. So recently, I thought let's give it a try....

    01 Jul 2021

  • Co-founder

    Zillion Media

    The story begins when I got my first freelance client and they gave me 1000 rupees for the work. And after some days lat...

    01 Jan 2021 - Present

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