Zillion Media 

The story begins when I got my first freelance client and they gave me 1000 rupees for the work. And after some days later, Inu Etc approached me, " Hey, I have a plan and I want you on board. Let's work together." I started this as an experiment so that I can get to learn about startups, how things work, etc. 


It started as a blogging site and within some months we got approval from Google Adsense so that we can put ads on our blog posts.


Recently, we changed the home page from a blogging site to influencers marketing agency. And within one week, we have some top creators from Hindi, Bengali, and Assamese languages. Now we have over 24.9 million followers. We have 11+ influencers and 33+ pages across 7+ platforms. 

01 Jan 2021 - Present

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