Long-form : I created this detailed video on DALL-E 2

Whether Artificial Intelligence will replace creative jobs is a question that is hotly debated. Some believe that AI will lead to the downfall of many jobs, including those in the creative industry. However, others believe that AI will create new opportunities for people in the creative industry.


And the interesting part is the title, description, and thumbnail were generated by artificial intelligence. 


In the process of making this video, I learned a lot of things. 

  1. I learned to structure a video.
  2. I learned to make animations (which you will find at the timestamp 1:57).
  3. I learned better sound design.
  4. I get to know about those things that I have to learn.
  5. Some people told me about things that I have to improve.
  6. I learned about A.I, I read a lot of articles, and research papers so I can talk about it for more than an hour.


07 Sep 2022

video editing
content creation
artificial intergence
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