Community Manager for TISS EXCEL program

During the 2nd year of college, I joined a program that was happening as a part of a collaboration between the Government of Jharkhand and the Tata Institute of Social Science.

Over there, not only did I learn a lot but also was given a crucial responsibility - Student Volunteer which comprised a hybrid role of community manager and a VA. My role was being the bridge between the students and the project head.

I worked in this role for a span of 2 and a half years and oversaw work under the guidance of 4-5 project heads.

My key tasks were - 1. Communicating and managing the student body of 150+ and 700+ registrants.

2. Communicating and managing the teacher's class schedule.

3. Ensuring regular updation of students in the attendance portal.

4. Conveying the daily report to the project head and government representative.

5. Conveying all necessary notices to the student body.

6. Overseeing the registrations for the upcoming batches.

7. Communicating with the college administration for any necessary requirements related to the project.

8. Lastly, doing all the admin tasks for the project head during her absence.

Overall, it was a wholesome experience where I learned a lot. 

P.S. - The POW is a picture taken during the graduation ceremony of the project with the project head. 

16 Dec 2019

community management
student volunteer
Tata institute of social science
Admin tasks

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