Moodboard for House of Web3

Objective: To create a mood board for House of Web3 community channel.

What is Web3?

Web2 is like a big company-run internet. Web3 is a shared playground internet where everyone can build cool stuff together using special tokens. No bosses, just fun!

Web3 is a new internet that gives you more power. You control your stuff and talk directly to others, without big companies. It's safe and open.

Let’s make it more simpler:
Web3 is like a cool online game where everyone has their own special stuff, and there are magical coins to do fun things together!

House of Web3 is a media and content channel whose objective is to welcome a larger Web2 community with simplistic and witty communication. Here the community members will have scope to power discussions and further onboard more members in the process.

Like MOM (Mad over marketing)

The brand persona of HOW3 is welcoming, credible, and a safe space for the community to discuss.

Tools used: Figma

Duration: 12 hours (One of my fastest project)

This project is a part of #PermissionlessProject, it is being done in my personal capacity, without any guidance from any stakeholder from the brand or notable. All the copyright is reserved to the respective owners.

24 Aug 2023

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