Email Newsletter Design For Appreciate Wealth and Yes Bank

Objective: To design an email newsletter for Appreciate Wealth in collaborating with Yes Bank for building up their new customers.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Figma

How I created this: Crafted a captivating email newsletter design was the top priority. Aimed to reflect the essence of Appreciate Wealth app and Yes Bank's core values in every aspect. Dedicated design diligently to create a visually stunning and user-friendly layout, ensuring a seamless reading experience for all.

Visuals are essential to grab attention. That's why I've included eye-catching graphics and illustrations that align with our content, promoting a sense of financial growth and security. Visuals aim to boost reader confidence and inspire them to take control of their financial journey.

I created this as part of our company's work, following the guidelines provided by our company's experts. The copy was skillfully written by our team's copy expert.



28 Jul 2023

graphic designer
email design
adobe illustrator
adobe photoshop

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