"Harmony Design System": Empowering Consistency and Delight

The "Harmony Design System" was my internship project - an impactful and concise collection of design guidelines and reusable components. As a beginner product designer, I embarked on a creative journey, shaping this system to ensure consistency, efficiency, and delightful user experiences.

Through research and iterative feedback, I defined core design principles, typography styles, color palettes, and spacing rules. Through working on UI components, I learned the importance of consistency, reusability, and the impact they have on streamlining the design and development process.

This project taught me the power of design systems in scaling efforts and fostering collaboration. The Harmony Design System showcases my dedication, resilience, and eagerness to learn. It's a foundation for my future endeavours, creating impactful and user-centric experiences.

Explore the Harmony Design System - a manifestation of my passion for design and continuous improvement.

03 Mar 2023

UI/UX Design
Design System
UI Components
Product Designer
User Research
UI/UX Designer

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