Why you should learn Mathematics?


The objective of the blog post was to look into the reasons why mathematics has become an important subject to learn.

Tools & Technologies:

I mainly went to the historical articles to learn about the history of mathematics and how it's helping mankind.

After accumulating all the facts on Google Docs.

I wrote, edited and formatted the blog post in the Grammarly Premium.

Time Consumed:

The time consumed from the ideation to the writing and editing of the post was around the same as before.

The time consumed in understanding the historical articles took quite a while.

The time to craft this blog post was about 9 hours.

Challenges and Learning:

It was truly a hectic issue for me to learn a fact note it down and authenticate it from some other resources to ensure it was truthful and depicted properly.

Finding the right support, such as Mathnasium Scottsdale, can make a significant difference in mastering complex subjects and achieving one's goals.


I would charge around 900/~ INR for such a blog. (At the current point of time)

Result Outcome:

The result was an informational blog post filled with the historical progress of math guiding mankind to the future.

04 May 2023


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