Why teachers should give Blog posts as homework?


The purpose of the blog post was to understand how a blog post is written and how it can be helpful to the students.

Tools & Technologies:

I used ChatGPT to generate prompts.

Ubersuggest to help in keyword research.

Grammarly Premium to write, edit and format the blog post.

Medium as the publication platform.

Time Consumed:

The time consumed from the ideation to the writing and editing of the post was less than before.

The time to craft this blog post was about 8 hours.

Challenges and Learning:

The challenges were to ensure that the prompts given to tools were correct and the output was similar to what I was expecting.

I learned the process of ChatGPT efficient prompting.


I would charge around 1000/~ INR for such a blog. (At the current point of time)

Result Outcome:

The blog post included a template that can guide anyone to embark on the process of blogging with the easiest method.

It also elaborates on reasons why blogging is a better method of homework to be given to students.

04 Jun 2023

Content writing
Blog writing

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