Sagan SciComm Club Celebrating Success of Chandrayan 3


The purpose of the work is to create a LinkedIn post congratulating the students and nation on the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3.


Tools & Technologies:

I used Grammarly Premium to write, edit and format the LinkedIn post.

I used emojis to increase engagement and drive attention.

I used Google Docs to transfer the post content.


Time Consumed:

The time spent from the imagination to completing the LinkedIn post was 1/2 hours.


Challenges and Learning:

The challenge lay in crafting to make it presentable to the college students and representing the joy and pride amongst all Indians.



I would charge around 250/~ INR for such a LinkedIn post.


Result Outcome:

The result was a LinkedIn post showcasing the happiness and admiration towards a revolutionary feat of science done by Indian Scientists with a wonderful team.

23 Aug 2023

Content Writing
Creative writing
LinkedIn Writing

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