Instagram post announcing results of Match


The purpose of the work was to write an Instagram post announcing the results of the Skribbl competition hosted by Saranda House of IIT-Madras BS degree.

Tools & Technologies:

I used Grammarly Premium to write, edit and format the descriptive post.

Later on, shared the post via Google Docs.

Time Consumed:

The time consumed from the ideation to the writing and editing of the descriptive post was 1/2 hour.

Challenges and Learning:

I had to review some sample posts to understand the way of writing a descriptive Instagram post.


I would charge around 150/~ INR for such a blog. (At the current point of time)

Result Outcome:

The result was a descriptive and engaging Instagram post announcing winners of the Skribble competition hosted by Saranda House.

11 Jul 2023

Content Writing
Creative Writing
Instagram Writing

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