Congratulatory message on 77th Indian Independence Day by Saranda House


The objective of the work was to create a post congratulating degree students, teachers and the nation on the 77th Indian Independence Day to be posted on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Tools & Technologies:

I used Grammarly Premium to write, edit and format the blog post.

I also used Canva to prepare an additional create poster.

I used Google Docs to transfer the post content.

Time Consumed:

The time spent from the ideation to complete writing the post was 1/2 hours.

Challenges and Learning:

The process of writing the blog post was fairly easy, the challenge lay in the additional work of poster crafting provided to me.

It was my first time crafting the poster and the result is in cover.


I would charge around 150/~ INR for such an Instagram and about 75/~ INR for the poster (At the current point in time).

Result Outcome:

The result was a written post describing the happiness of the Sarnada House and a poster that depicted it with visuals.

15 Aug 2023

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