How does coding affect your brain? Some thoughts based on Science.


The quest in creating the blog was to learn how computer programming affects our mental activities.

Tools & Technologies:

I researched the sources for blog post on Google Scholar and used actual scientific research.

The blog was written and edited on Grammarly Premium.

Finally, the blog post was published on Medium.


Time Consumed:

The amount of research exceeded my expectations, and the total time to craft the blog was 11 hrs.


Challenges and Learning:

It was my first time writing a blog post, and I was thoroughly stunned by the amount of research, writing and editing needed.

But it turned out to be an overjoyous endeavour for me.



I would charge around 800/~ INR for such a blog. (At the current point of time)


Result Outcome:

The effects of the programming on human brain activities were explained thoroughly in the blog post with the help of research papers.

11 Jan 2023


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