1st Community Event of "Subconsciously"

Are you ready to kickstart your day with a burst of energy and positivity?

 We've got something exciting lined up just for you!

Introducing the 1st  Community Event by Subconsciously called  "Early Morning Challenge" – a 30-day journey that will transform your mornings into a source of inspiration and productivity.

The "Early Morning Challenge" is 100% free, and with no strings attached. It’s a social project for a change we are building together as community.

What will you do during the "Early Morning Challenge"?

πŸŒ… Capture the Sunrise: Rise early at 6 AM or even earlier, and capture the beautiful morning environment as it awakens. Share your sunrise photos and revel in the beauty of the early hours together.

⏰ 30 Minutes a Day for your Personal: Dedicate 30 minutes each day to setting goals, writing a to-do list, or indulging in a good readβ€”small, consistent steps towards personal growth and development.

 πŸŒœ Routine: We'll delve into discussions about your morning routine, mindfulness, emotional well-being, and maintaining a healthy daily routine.

πŸ† Prizes Await You!

- Top Performers: Win a Cult Fit live or level subscription up to Rs 1,500.
- Runner-ups: Get your hands on exciting books or gift hampers.

How Will We Determine the Winners?

We're all about fairness and consistency. Winners will be chosen based on:

πŸ“Š Excel Sheet or Points System: We've got a system in place to tally your points for each activity.

⏰ Timing of Posting: The consistency of posting at the designated time will earn you points.

🌟 Brownie Points: We reward those who go the extra mile with bonus points.

πŸŽ‰ Weekly Hangout: Join us every Friday night for a fun group hangout, where we'll discuss our experiences, challenges, and successes.

πŸ’ͺ Group Participation: We're in this together! Active participation in our community will earn you points.

πŸ“ Invite Your Friends: Spread the word and bring more people on board through our Google form.

πŸ“ˆ Leaderboard Updates: Check your progress and compare it to others. We'll update the leaderboard weekly.

So, are you ready to rise early, capture the beauty of the sunrise, and embark on this transformational journey with us?

Stay tuned for more details, and mark your calendars. 

** Registration link in Comment**

The challenge begins on 16th October 2023! πŸŒ„

15 Oct 2023


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