How I overcame my Speaking & Writing Issues

Do you remember the movie called "Taare Zameen Par"?

I was like Ishan in a way; I also grew up with learning disabilities. Reading, writing, and even speaking clearly were big struggles during my early childhood days. My childhood memories still haunt me in my dreams.

All thanks to the teachers who helped me lead a normal life and become a better person, that I am here in front of you.

This is the story of how I overcame that issue and what things I found useful in my journey.

Growing up as a child, I was an introverted kid. I didn't have any friends, and I struggled with speaking in English for many years throughout my school days.

 I became somewhat of a nerd, living in my own academic bubble, and I didn't pursue any extracurricular activities mainly due to my fears.

When I turned 17, I chose to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. Now, I have to prepare content and write ad copies for a living.

My biggest fear of speaking and writing seemed like the biggest roadblock towards becoming a good marketer.

 Nowhere did I dream that I would be playing an extroverted role by choosing this path. My job required me to break my fear of communication.

 As a marketer, you can't just sit at a desk and do work; it's not coding. You need to talk to clients, your seniors, and people working in other departments.

It's been more than three years doing so, and I've had my ups and downs in my journey.

I was able to self-published my first book, "Challenge it Book." It didn't sell that well but gave me the experience of writing a book.

Additionally, starting a podcast show while I promoted the book gave me newfound self-confidence that I could be a good communicator.

Nowadays, I mostly write my thoughts on LinkedIn and my marketing blog. I'm trying to get back into shooting videos again.

I'm still not perfect, but I'm working on myself.

Here are a few things I found useful in my journey:

1. Having an environment to practise "speaking skills."

2. Writing something, not daily, but at least 3 to 4 times a week.

3. Reading books, a lot of them.

4. Initiating conversations in groups and not just observing.

5. Content creation is also helpful in the journey of becoming; you just need to get started somehow.

6. Having an external teacher or mentor helps in the journey.

09 Oct 2023

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