My Growth Hacking Experience of $1750

I never knew I was a Growth Hacker once for an AR/VR Product based Startup raising funds via selling it on Indiegogo (Kickstarter alternative)

I was watching Rohan Chaubey's YouTube Video in which he talks about it.

if a Startup doesn't have many funds for Paid Advertising, how do you make the product sell and profit at the same time?

You Growth Hack it.

That's what was notified to me by our Client (the startup), as we were new to the platform too (Indiegogo).

We identified that you were allowed to Cross-Promote your products with other fellow campaigners on Indiegogo.

Once we knew and confirmed, we hit out and emailed a lot of fellow campaigners.

We fixed our Clients' email copies as they weren't getting much of 'Yes' to promote with campaigns that have raised more than $500,000 up to $1M or +.

We cracked it for them and helped them make this deal at an almost negligible amount (our FEE, which was INR 15K/month)

This is what happens: On the platform, you can put out regular updates about your products/shipping or any announcements.

Through this you can share other campaigns too who have struck a deal with you, you do it VICE-VERSA.

We were successful in cracking the same with a company that raised $1M + with thousands of backers (buyers).

The moment they released the update, our Client made $1750+ in a single night (which is approx an ROI of 786.39% (our FEE was their expense and we invested Sweat Equity) on Revenue, not profits), we still made a Good Profit on this one.

This happened due to hacking attention on other's feeds without advertising

That's how I growth hacked it, we made a lot in the later days, so they were happy with us!

23 Feb 2019

growth marketing
growth hacking
digital marketing

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