How we increased a Manufacturer's Inquiries using Chatbot and On-Page SEO

We took a project in 2019 to complete a website along with which we included the contract for optimizing for SERPs.


Industry: Manufacturing

Segment: B2B


If you are developing a site and not including SEO as a package yet, you are living under a rock.


We developed a website for a Paper Cup Manufacturer that supplies finished paper cups to all the major corporates.




Optimize the Site for Speed

Optimize the Web pages according to their category so it ranks faster amongst the segments

Took care of Meta Tags, H1 and H2 so Google Crawlers can easily understand the site content and rank our Service pages for traffic to land directly.

Made sure we had no 404's (Huge SEO let down)

We had an edge of not having much competition as a lot of manufacturers still prefer to get stuff sold from IndiaMart but are missing the branding aspects in the long run.

Made sure to have a good internal linking structure for the link juice distribution.

Write Meta description and title tags for each page (and not the whole website with uniformity)

Add Google Analytics (90% of the folks still miss this)

Made sure to have contact forms under each service page so it becomes easy for the visitor coming from SERP to fill in the info and become a lead (as the Intent is the highest)

Have a chatbot to facilitate their requirements and connect with them (We recorded over 300-400+ Conversations being opened by using drift(dot)com as our primary chat/bot provider)

Have a Clear site structure for both Google and Users. It makes it easy for them to navigate

Did multiple Small On-Page SEO hacks to eliminate all the things that could go wrong by having additional SEO Audit reports on hand post SEO.



Traffic inflow from 3rd day onwards with inquiries pouring in (remember, low competition + Long tail keywords + right On-Page Combination helps you rank faster)

5-10 Chat opens for potential business in every 2-3 days

increased number of brand keywords so it became much easier to generate inquiries


Conclusion :

Well, I am not an SEO pro.

We did what was right for users and for the Search Engines.

Yes, we did generate backlinks for Off-Page SEO Naturally and no link building activities took place (till we had the project at hand)


I could have included more points, but that would make the post too long, If you have any questions, do let me know.


We used SEOSitecheckup at that time which gave us fine insights. I know there are pro tools like longtailrpo, Screaming frog, etc. which we used in other projects later.


I recently analyzed the site again (no longer a project in hand, but just to check what events had taken place post our project handover) and they are doing good.

03 Mar 2019

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Search Engine Optimization
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