Kuro Ashi: Content Strategy

📌 Average engagement rate 📈~47.52% from ~6.8%

📌 Highest engagement rate 📈 124%

About: Kuro Ashi is a Dog food brand selling Peanut cream.

Problem Statement: Since no one wants to buy from a new Instagram page, the goal of the project was to build trust among customers.

How did we do it?

1. Founder First Brand

We built a founder-first brand by bringing the founder in front of the camera and our content. This way we could not only show that there's a person behind the page but we could also show the customers our process and what we do to ensure that their dog gets the best food.

2. Lifestyle content

Bringing the founder in the front wasn't enough. Since the product was targeted toward dog parents, we needed to show that dogs love our product.

Not only that, we made a dog our ambassador, did giveaways, and celebrated every achievement.

What did I do?

I was in-charge of the entire project (end-to-end) from editing videos, and making posts to ensuring maximum engagement.




01 Apr 2022

Video Editing
Content Strategy

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