300% increase in followers, 10x increase in revenue.

Rasleen Grover is an edutainment content creator on Instagram. As of Jan 2021, she has around 3000 followers with some of her reels reaching Million+ people.

Despite such a great reach for some of her content, the follower growth is stagnant, and most reels have a limited reach.

📌 In December 2021, when she started being consistent with her content, we saw a 300% increase in followers from 3,000 to 10,000 in just 10 days.


How did we do it?

  • Understanding the audience: The first step was to understand what kind of content our audience likes and dislikes. We started gathering data with the help of polls on IG stories, comments, and content requests in DMs.

Over the course of the next few months, we tried different types of content from reels where Rasleen is just pointing on the screen and the words just appear on their own (like this one below) to reels where she is reading a script.


We also tried multiple time formats from 10 to 30 seconds, multiple CTA’s such as “Read caption”, “Link in Caption”, “Tag your friends”, etc.

Soon, we realized that our audience loves 15-second reels where Rasleen is pointing on the screen, they also liked to know more about the content in the caption and wanted the link to know more.

  • Building a community: The next step was to build a community because we needed people to trust Rasleen and vouch for her credibility when they share her content.
    • We didn’t realize this earlier but while we were trying to understand our audience by engaging with them, we had already taken the first step towards building our community.
    • So now, we started engaging more with our audience by doing Instagram Live(s), sharing valuable responses to DMs, and replying to comments.
    • This helped our audience to know that we are there to help them & once we gained their trust, it all came back, they started sharing, saving, and engaging with it even more.
  • Templatizing Content: Now that we have understood our audience and built a community, it was time to solve the biggest problem, i.e. consistency.
    • Since the audience already liked to see reels where Rasleen was pointing at the screen, we created multiple video templates where she was doing just that.
    • These templates weren’t merely her pointing at buckets but also had a different combination of CTAs
    • With these templates in place, all we had to do was come up with content ideas and edit these.
    • One thing that really helped us was telling people to comment down for the link, this helped us filter a lot of uninterested audiences and increase reach at the same time.

What about Revenue?

  • The only source of revenue for this page was brand collaborations
  • At 3K followers, brands were only willing to pay up to Rs. 3,000 for a collaboration project.
  • With the increased reach, engagement & followers in December, we took charge and started billing Rs.30K-40K per collaboration.

10 Dec 2021

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Growth Hacking
Community Building

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