Pixoury: Growth Strategy


Pixoury is an Illustrator with over 1 M Followers on Instagram. The problem that he faced was that he was underpaid for brand collaborations.

Where did I come from?

I worked with him on a brand partnership while I was working with OML. After my work with OML was over I told Pixoury to hire a manager and to my surprise he hired me.

I increased his revenue by 6X by simply changing the prices.

But since a lot of brands were used to the original prices, we saw a decrease in brand collaborations. But we covered that by introducing new IPs (Intellectual Properties) with a wider brand connection.

This led us to diversify from collaborating with just Production companies like Sony Music, Netflix, and Spotify to brands like Swiggy and Oneplus.

Just that?

No, this was the beginning.

His passion lay in teaching youngsters. So, I worked with him to conceptualize "Pixoury ki Paathshala", an educational arm for teaching illustration and animation. The idea was to first build an audience interested in learning with a separate Instagram page and when we have a sizable audience, launch a CBC.

But since this would require a lot of resources, a personalized merch store was on the way, where the audience could create their own Avatars in Pixoury style and buy printed merch.



01 Oct 2022

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