A One Year of Phenomenal Growth: From August 2021 to Now, My Journey of Skyrocketing Twitter Followers!

As a Freelance Social Media Manager at GetMeHired since August 2021, I've strategically elevated our Twitter presence, starting with modest follower numbers:


- 13 Aug 2021 – 13,400 followers

- 01 Dec 2023 – 32,500 followers


This growth isn't just about numbers; it reflects the impact of our content resonating with the audience. By sharing job opportunities, industry insights, and job-seeking tips, we've expanded our follower base and elevated GetMeHired's visibility in CV services.


Each like and retweet has helped establish GetMeHired as a recognized and trusted name in the professional sphere. The journey continues with a commitment to providing valuable insights and fostering a thriving online community around career advancement.


Initially faced with a modest following, our company struggled to gain broad brand awareness. Through strategic efforts, we overcame this challenge, paving the way for a stronger online presence and industry recognition.

At the company's outset, a modest following posed a challenge, hindering the establishment of broad brand awareness and industry recognition. 

01 Dec 2023

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