Project of Making A Float Ship Using Ideas of Technology Transfer in UTeM

I want to share a project that I did at the university, which involved creating a floating ship by adding supports on the left and right sides of the ship's body. The project took place in an open area where each student group would float the ships they built. My group and I thought about the materials and the suitable design to build a ship that wouldn't sink. Together, we brainstormed and shared ideas. Hearing each member's opinions gave us a broader perspective.

The lecturer gave us rules to follow: the ship should be no larger or smaller than the size of an A4 paper. The second rule was that the ship should be able to support the intended load. Finally, the ship must not use basic plastic materials and should have the features of a sailing ship.

We combined all our ideas and took safe measures. Since the ship couldn't use plastic materials and we needed to prevent water from entering, we used a box on the outside of the ship and covered the inside with clay. So, even if the outer part of the ship got wet, the inside remained dry without water entering, and it could float! We also added supports on the left and right to ensure balance at the bottom of the ship since our ship was a bit taller.

Ultimately, during the test, our ship successfully floated, didn't leak, and could bear the load. The time it took it also exceeded our expectations. We also understood what the lecturer conveyed about Technology Transfer, which is an essential innovation, and we applied it in creating the ship. And that's a wrap!

23 Nov 2023

Technology Transfer
University Core

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