Content Pegs for a Makeup Artist

I was entrusted with the task of creating content pegs for Gen Reilly, a distinguished makeup artist and hairstylist specializing in bridal makeup, operating out of the picturesque destination of Goa, India. The aim was to develop ideas that could serve as a content roadmap for the client for one to two months. Despite meticulous planning and ideation, these concepts remained unrealized as the client's contract with the agency - Doriame Design concluded. 

Nevertheless, I have assembled the content pegs I generated for her down below:

Content Pegs:

Product Spotlights

- Highlight favourite makeup products, explaining their benefits.
- Benefits: Build authority and potential for affiliate partnerships/collaborations.

Beauty Trends/Updates

- Keep the audience informed about the latest beauty trends, product launches, and industry updates.
- Benefits: Show that you are updated and knowledgeable in the field.
- Format: Reaction-Green Screen Reels.
- Series potential: Yes.

Make-up Tools Spotlight

- Create short reels to spotlight essential makeup tools, demonstrating their usage and importance.
- Objective: Informative and engaging content for makeup enthusiasts.

Skill Showcase

- Utilize different locations or Green Screen backgrounds to exhibit makeup skills.
- Focus: Showcase natural or non-bridal makeup looks to captivate audience interest.
- Benefit: Demonstrates versatility and creativity in makeup application.

Travel Mini Vlogs

- Create mini vlogs documenting makeup and lifestyle experiences during travel.
- Examples: Shopping hauls, transformation looks for outings.
- Purpose: Keep the feed dynamic with diverse content and lifestyle integration.

Bridal Makeup Recreation

- Recreate iconic bridal makeup looks from movies, music videos, or TV series.
- Goal: Engage the audience with captivating content showcasing expertise in bridal makeup artistry.

Makeup Mythbusters

- Address common misconceptions and myths surrounding bridal makeup and hair styling. Gen can debunk myths related to makeup longevity, product selection, and skincare routines, providing clarity to her audience.

These content pegs were created to offer a comprehensive approach to content creation, catering to different aspects of makeup and beauty while ensuring relevance, engagement, and variety on the client's social media platforms.

Please note that only Gen Reilly and Doriame Design have the rights to use or replicate the content strategies mentioned here. This work is exclusively created for them.

25 Aug 2023

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