Digital Lending Capital Corp

Digital Lending Capital Corp (DLCC) — Crypto’s First Full-Service Prime Brokerage Software Solution.

Overview :

- Provide institutional prime brokerage services with the ability to offer financing, execution, lending, settlement, and access to custody of digital assets without having to setup and maintain all of the counterparties and technology

- Ability to quickly add digital asset offerings into an existing prime brokerage business

Users :

  • Banks
  • Broker-dealers
  • Prime brokers
  • Custodians
  • Exchanges
  • Digitally native institutions

Key Features :

  • Buy / sell / manage directional risk in digital assets
  • Perform core trade finance functions: locate / borrow, short / lend and collateral management
  • Interface with top tier digital asset custodians and liquidity providers
  • Full trade and loan life-cycle management
  • Customizable reporting with complete audit trail


16 Mar 2020

Web development
UI/UX designing
Research and Planning
UML creation

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