Ashish Joseph

With 3+ years in eCommerce and SaaS product management, I drive data-driven innovations in Agile settings. Expertise: Data Analytics, Stakeholder Mgmt, Product Releases.

Influencer Marketing
React Native
UI/UX Design


  Working at At Firstcry.com (Brainbees Solution PVT Ltd), where I currently serve as a Senior Product Executive in the Product Discovery division, I have consistently delivered impactful results. Since joining in November 2021, I've played a pivotal role in enhancing revenue by 1.5% month by month through the strategic development of a homepage asset, effectively leveraging it for campaigns, promotions, and new offers. My collaborative efforts with key stakeholders from marketing, engineering, and design have ensured that our product development aligns seamlessly with our overarching vision. Furthermore, I spearheaded a remarkable 27% revenue increase for marketing offer listing pages by comprehensively revamping the automated listing CMS. My contributions extended beyond the frontend, as I also designed and developed a robust Log Extraction System for our communication CMS, encompassing email and SMS functionalities. Additionally, I implemented an SEO tagging system within our content management system, enhancing our digital presence. Throughout these endeavors, I've consistently led the complete product lifecycle, from defining a robust strategy to meticulously tracking post-launch metrics, ensuring our products remain highly competitive and user-centric.

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