Landing Page Copy/Optimisation for Thundeclap

Objective - To optimize the Landing Page for better conversion (Copywriting)

Brand - Thunderclap: Providing Webflow Design and Development Services.

Target Audience -

Medium-to-large companies and agencies who want to create websites with Webflow.


Pain points and goals -

-> Need for scalability and efficiency: Companies and agencies looking to build and manage multiple complex websites without the overhead of traditional development methods.

-> Faster turnaround times: Businesses seeking a quicker and more streamlined approach to web development compared to traditional coding methods.

-> Increased design flexibility: Desire for a platform that offers more design freedom and customization than limited website builders.

-> Address Technical Issues in Webflow: Companies and agencies that value collaboration with experienced Webflow professionals to guide their projects and address technical challenges.

Keywords for SEO optimization

Mid-Intent Keywords - Webflow Website Design, Rebranding Services

Longtail keywords - High Scalable Webflow Websites

Tools Used - Google Docs, Semrush and Gemini



15 Feb 2024

Web Copywriting
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Landing Page Copy
Landing Page Optimisation
Content Writing
Conversion Copywriting
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