25+ Blogs on Automation for Integrately.

Objective - As a Web Content Writer, I write Blogs for Integrately (an automation platform like Zapier) in all forms such as Listicles, Comparison Articles, Tips and Tricks, App Guides, Best App Picks, Case Studies, and the like.

Integrately is a no-code integration platform connecting 2 or more applications to automate your workflow. It's a direct competitor to Zapier.

Process - We created articles keeping the On-Page SEO elements and user search intent in mind. The Blogs were crafted according to the customer journey through the funnel i.e. TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU.

-> Top 5 Alternatives like Zapier: Why You Should Switch in 2024

> How you can Schedule tasks in Asana.

> How to automate leads on Facebook

> How to add a Webhook to an Elementor Form

> Webflow Tips and Tricks

> Stripe Tips and Tricks

> Top 10 Xero Tips for Small Business Owners

> Top 10 Twitch Tips and Tricks to level your streaming 

> Top 5 Make(formerly Integromat) Alternatives

> Top Zapier Alternatives

> Integrately vs Zapier

> Integrately vs Pabbly vs Zapier

> Integrately vs IFTTT vs Pabbly

> Addons that make Gmail a powehouse of productivity

> Best Workflow Automation Tools

> Best Marketing Automation Tools

> Top 10 Best Elementor Form Builder Plugins

Also check out some of the 30+ blogs related to app integrations (2 app combinations) that I wrote for Integrately.

30 + blogs on App Integrations

01 Nov 2023

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