Home Automation using IoT

In this project, we have implemented a modern-day home automation system using IoT.

* All the sensors are connected to GPIOS/ analog pins(LM35), as per the sensor’s digital or analog Input/Output.

* Light, Fan, Door opening motors are also connected to GPIOS of Wi-Fi module through relays.

* Wi-Fi module is connected to the home Wi-Fi such that it can send data to the cloud which is connected through Device Id and cloud API.

* Software and Hardware configuration is done on Bolt Cloud by creating products of the device and deploying the required configuration based on the sensor values.

* Sensor values are plotted in tabular format, as sensors are continuously taking values and writing them into the cloud.

* Light on-off conditions, door opening conditions, Temperature level raise alarms all the software programmed in the cloud and can be controlled via the internet by logging into the user cloud account.

* Also cloud API is also connected to Twilio, Mailgun, Bulk SMS to send reports to the user on a timely basis or for the accidental case.

21 May 2019

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