ZanduCare- Revised Product Description

Client- ZanduCare

Content Type- Product Description

Objective- I revised this product description in a persuasive style, to highlight  Zandu Tulsi Drops as an Ayurvedic solution to boost immunity & soothe cough and cold. The description provides information about the medicinal properties of Tulsi drops, product-specific details, multiple benefits, ingredients used, suitable user base, and addressed frequently asked questions raised by consumers. Moreover, the project also aims to promote Ayurvedic treatment with the natural products available on ZanduCare’s online store, subsidiary of Emami Ltd. 

Word Limit- 1500

Writing Style- Persuasive

Tools & Technology- Grammarly, Yoast SEO

Target Audience- People who are looking for natural remedies to boost their immunity and soothe cough and cold symptoms. 

01 Jul 2023

product description
persuasive writing

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