Off-Page Blogs for Cleartrip

Client- Cleartrip

Objective- The primary objective of my Cleartrip blogs is to promote Cleartrip's services through various external promotional websites. These off-page blogs are specifically targeted at an audience planning flights on a tight budget, particularly first-time flight travelers. The content aims to assist and guide these individuals by providing valuable information on flight etiquette, offering budget-friendly tips for air travel, and including travel guides. The main aim is to make Cleartrip a trusted place where people can easily plan and book affordable and enjoyable flights.

Word Limit- 500-750

Writing Style- Promotional & Persuasive

Tools & Technology- Google Docs, Grammarly, Hemingway

Target Audience- Budget-conscious travelers, leisure travelers, business travelers and first-time flight travelers

27 Nov 2023

content writing
promotional blogs

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