20+ Twitter Threads for Podnotes

Podnotes Tweets- Andrew Huberman, Raj Shamani and other big podcasters liked!

Content- Twitter Threads for Podnotes

Objective- Podnotes is an AI-powered content repurposing tool developed by 1811 Labs. I prepared 20+ Twitter threads that covered more than 30 categories (No code, Technology, Health, Science, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business, investment, Relationship, Psychology etc.) to guide beginners and podcast enthusiasts in finding must-listen podcasts within their niche and needs. Surprisingly, the tweet received likes from Andrew Huberman, Raj Shamani, Ryan Myhre, and many other renowned Podcasters.

Tools Used- Typefully for documenting and YouTube, Apple Music & Spotify for research.

Target Audience- Podcasters, Podcast Enthusiast, and Beginners

19 Mar 2024

Twitter Thread
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