#2 Winners in AdManiac Challenge

Creating an advertisement for Kurkure, a popular Indian snack brand, required a comprehensive understanding of the product, the target audience, and the message we wanted to convey. 

We focused on portraying Kurkure as a versatile, fun, and family-friendly snack, and designed an advertisement that highlighted the diverse flavors, using different family members as a creative element.

We considered the following: 

Understanding the Target Audience: To effectively market Kurkure, we needed to know our target audience. Kurkure has a broad appeal, but our primary focus was on families, especially those looking for a convenient and enjoyable snack for all age groups. 

Choosing Kurkure Flavors as Different Family Members: We conceptualized the advertisement by personifying Kurkure flavors as various family members. Each family member represented a different Kurkure flavor, highlighting the diverse range that Kurkure offers. 

Creating the Advertisement:

- We created the advertisement with a warm and inviting color palette, using lighting techniques to highlight the vibrant colors of Kurkure. 

- We employed visual effects to emphasize the crunchiness and deliciousness of Kurkure.

- We selected a cheerful, catchy tune that would resonate with the audience and enhance the positive, feel-good atmosphere of the ad.

The advertisement was aimed to convey that Kurkure is not just a snack but a family of flavors that brings everyone together. 

It emphasized the idea that Kurkure is versatile enough to cater to the diverse tastes of family members, making it the perfect snack for bonding moments.

Tools used: After effects for motion graphics, Premiere Pro for sound design and post production, Google for research, Actual packet of Kurkure (bet you wont be able to find that), Brain, Photoshop for lighting and adjusting colour temperature. 

Time Taken: 1 Full Sunday, cause everybody had a full time job with 6 days working XD


Content: https://fueler.io/maneeshakakkar

Marketing: https://fueler.io/nimisha

Ideation & Motion Graphics: https://fueler.io/yasinalyani


15 Oct 2023

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