Infinite Scroll

An infinite scroll web app is a type of user interface design that allows users to continuously and seamlessly scroll through content on a webpage without any need for pagination or clicking through to different pages. In this particular case, the web app utilizes the Unsplash API to pull high-quality images and display them to the user.

As the user scrolls down the page, more images are loaded dynamically, and the scrolling experience becomes fluid and uninterrupted. This means that there is no need for the user to click through to a new page when they reach the end of the content.

The infinite scroll web app is particularly useful for users who want to browse through large collections of images or other types of content without any interruption in their flow. It is also an effective way to keep users engaged and on a website for longer periods of time, as they can continue to discover new content without any friction.

Overall, the infinite scroll web app is a powerful and user-friendly way to present large amounts of content, and the use of the Unsplash API allows for high-quality images that can enhance the user experience

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14 Apr 2023

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