Dashboard for Technology Prospection | Strategic Analysis

The goal of the project was to streamline decision-making in organizations by using data-driven evidence to eliminate subjectivity. Completed in just one month, the project involved identifying the needs of the requesting department, researching articles and patents, selecting key performance indicators, and developing a visually appealing dashboard using Power BI and Figma.

One of the main challenges was identifying the most relevant indicators in a concise manner, to create a simple yet effective dashboard. By engaging in extensive conversations and testing, I applied empathetic listening and put myself in the stakeholders' shoes to fully grasp their pain points and needs. I also utilized User Experience (UX) concepts to exceed the requester's expectations.

As a result, I gained valuable experience in customer service, honed my ability to ask probing questions, and developed critical and creative problem-solving skills.

15 Apr 2023

UX Design
Power BI
Data Analysis
Technology Prospection
Data Driven

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