What I want to Do?!

My interest from my early 20s has been revolving around veganism(vegan startup) as I am vegan. And Secondly, Sustainable development(as I don't use any electronic items which release CFCs and harm the environment).

Thirdly, food sector(as I hate wrongly marketed food products)

Like bournvita, I am 5'9 mahn without consuming any bournvita or Horlicks.


the last is Petcare startups (as I love stray animals and did already had 15 rescues like disease parvo, tumor, distemper, skin infection, head eye eaten up by Maggots and so many more, that unbearable pain! Oh god! 💔

This just made me stronger and more courageous every freaking single day especially in real-life incidents.

Really grateful!!!!!!

Already I am looking upon so many problems in these fields.

Here's a huge gap and solutions to solve these problems.

But who cares?

Yes, a real genuinely interested buddy cares like me!!!

Gonna crush it!🚀🌓

Let's make it true!!!!

Yesterday just heard this line from one of my friends: Helping an animal makes you a successful and happiest person in the world.

And, I couldn't agree more!!!! ❤️✨


vegan: "a person who does not eat meat or any other animal products at all" :)


25 Nov 2022

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